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Reload Bonuses: Casino Rewards with which You Can Win Money

As an online casino fan, one of your main aims is getting to win money as often as possible. There are several factors that will influence your ability to achieve this aim. One of them is your casino bank balance. The more funds at your disposal, the more options you will have in terms of wagers and gameplay which will translate to more opportunities to win money as well.

It is actually possible for you to obtain funds from the betting website you are registered at in the form of ongoing promotions. This is due to the fact that several reputable top tier casinos frequently reward loyal clients for their custom by providing them with such offers.

Reload bonuses are one of the most common categories of such rewards you will come across as a member of such establishments. We examine all you need to know about this important bonus type.

Reload Bonuses: An Introduction

Reload bonuses are promotional offers issued to clients for making a deposit to their casino account.

Quite often, betting websites offer such rewards on a monthly or a weekly basis to their clients. On most occasions, you are likely to be offered such promotions during a routine deposit payment which coincides with the offer. However, it is also possible for you to receive them in the form of payment method rewards as well.

Routine Deposit Rewards

These reload bonuses may often take the form of match bonuses since casinos often base them on a set percentage and the amount you pay up to a certain limit. For example, a virtual betting establishment may offer a reward of 150% for deposits of up to $200 on the second day of each month.

Hence, a deposit made on that day for up to $300 will mean you will have an extra $300 with which to place wagers on your favorite games and the newest titles.

Payment Method Rewards

Making use of particular payment methods can come with surprising benefits. This is due to the fact that online casinos may choose to promote them by offering rewards to clients who use them to make deposits.

They can also turn out to be especially generous too, meaning a significant amount of free cash and with it, more chances of winning at popular titles.

For example, an online casino may offer clients who process payments using Neteller a reload bonus of 200% for up to $250. That could mean an extra $500 if you process a payment of $275 on the date the promotion holds.

Selecting the Right Reload Bonus

As is the case with all other promotional categories, knowing which rewards to opt for is a key part of making the most of your online casino experience. We always recommend closely examining the terms and conditions attached to any reload bonus you are interested in.

Key points worth noting include:

  • Offer status: Certain online casinos permit you to retain the free cash you are paid along with your winnings. Such rewards are referred to as non-sticky offers. Other establishments, on the other hand, will not permit you to keep the cash paid out to you as part of a promotion and will deduct it from your winnings. Such rewards are known as sticky offers. Knowing which category the promotional offer you are interested in belongs to will prevent any unpleasant surprises down the line when you are about to make a withdrawal.
  • Your set schedule: If you have budgeted a set amount to deposit monthly or weekly which you adhere to and the offer in question means exceeding that set sum, opting for it may not be an excellent idea. Especially since you are likely to come across rewards that will coincide with your set schedule which you will be able to opt for.
  • Wagering requirements: This is perhaps one of the most important factors to pay attention to before opting for a promotion. This is because they represent the number of times you will have to play through your bonus before you can pay out any winnings you have earned using it. The lower the figure the better. Higher figures on the other hand, are best avoided.